Art Exhibit: Jean-Michel Othoniel’s Secret Flower Sculptures

In keeping with Marc Hall Design, LLC’s ardent commitment to artistic innovation in the worlds of floral and event design, this blog introduces our effort to promote exhibits that honor those two intricately linked worlds.

Currently, those visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston are being delighted by a new exhibit by Jean-Michel Othoniel, a former Artist-in-Residence, showcasing sculptures, drawings, and photographs, that highlight his “obsession with the hidden meanings of flowers, and his desire to capture their essence and beauty…”

The exhibit, titled Jean-Michel Othoniel: Secret Flower Sculpturesfeatures bronze models and watercolor sketches he made whilst collaborating with landscape designer Louis Benech in creating the first permanent contemporary art installation at Versailles. In addition, Othoniel will also be presenting two new sculptures, Peony, the Knot of Shame made entirely out of glass, and La Rose des Vents, made using gold aluminum.

The museum is proud of the fact that many of the pieces Othoniel is presenting were conceptualized during his time as an Artist-in-Residence, which they feel is “a testament to the program’s ability to nourish artistic creativity.”

We encourage you to visit the museum (the exhibit is on display through September 7th in the Hostetter Gallery) and let us know what you think (visit In the meantime, the following images represent a few of the pieces you’ll encounter. Enjoy!

5662 Jean-Michel Othoniel, Peony, The Knot of Shame, 2015. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin. © Galerie Perrotin / Claire Dorn


Jean-Michel Othoniel, La Rose des vents, 2015. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin. © Galerie Perrotin / Livia Saavedra.


Jean-Michel Othoniel, Les Belles Danses (The Beautiful Dances), Versailles, 2015


Jean-Michel Othoniel, Le Rigaudon de la Paix (The Rigaudon of Peace), 2013.


Jean-Michel Othoniel, Peony, The Knot of Shame, 2013.


 Jean-Michel Othoniel, Model of Le Rigaudon de Paix (detail), 2013.