marc’s flora and fauna expedition


– Marc standing among a sea of gloriously upright lupine

Recently our Creative Director, Marc Hall, embarked on a flora and fauna exhibition to explore Iceland at a time of year when the country’s landscape is teeming with diversity in botanical, and herbal life.

Having rented a jeep, Marc and our CFO, John, set off on their journey and traversed the tumultuous dirt road. They rode towards the horizon in search of floral and fauna specimens that would be intriguing enough to document.

IMG_0686 IMG_0687





They stopped to observe the beautiful specimens peeking out from the harsh ground. Marc remarked that “the curious collection of plants that bloom at the same time is mind-bending….tulips along with columbine and narcissus with poppies, and ranunculus…on the second of July!”



Marc then encountered mounds of beautiful moss. The following images convey “the variety of moss I’m just beginning to discover as we travel north from Reykjavik to Olafsfjodur.”


The image below is of a flower that Marc was able to identify as European card amine pretenses angustifolia. Isn’t it lovely amongst the rolling green? Existing proudly in solitude and rejoicing in its own grandeur.


Marc observed that “dryas octopetala grows in mounds surrounded by lava and gravel in harsh environments.” The following image captures the specimen in that surrounding.


When Marc took the image below he exhorted that we really take in the beauty of the phenomenon existant within it. He said “look at this beauty – Almeria maritima in the family of sea lavender! It surroundings are so harsh and grave…”


As their travels continued, Marc stopped for a moment to take in the fresh Icelandic air and stumbled upon a horse shoe, which necessarily symbolized good fortune to come!


Soon the road led them to a stopping point as evinced by the image below. As the water traversed rapidly and it was unclear whether they would be able to drive safely through it, Marc and John decided to seek another route. Marc remarked “I think we’re going to back track and find another route…water seems deep and winter snows washed large rocks into the center…no telling how deep!”



They decided to venture onwards via another road and captured this gorgeous image of the setting sun on a farm. The time of the day, believe it, or not, was midnight! They journeyed onward towards the Attic Coast…



Marc’s flora and fauna expedition to Iceland exemplified our dedication to cultivating our expertise regarding the natural world and how “The World of Marc Hall” is filled with fabulous stories, and experiences, in both events and botanical realms.

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