On the Heels of a Great Party



I think the best thing about planning GPOE is the collaborative nature of this event. I’m lucky to work with so many extremely talented people and it’s so much fun to be part of the process from concept to execution. After being involved in the event for the past 5 years, I’m still blown away by the quality of the work produced here. From invitations to signage to photography to paintings, the teen employees, and adult mentors, always knock it out of the park. I’m proud of what we do here and think that GPOE is the perfect time to show the world what AFH can do.

– Alexis Orellana, Artists for Humanity

In the wake of a great party, all of Boston shone majestically like a resplendent, glittering star, that, when amassed with all the other beautiful objects set forth in the firmament, danced brilliantly. Having risen from the skyline of South Boston, near the Epicenter on West 2nd Street, the star climbed to the edges of the sky where the Earth diminished its sense of materiality and carried with it hopes, and dreams, that cast shadows upon fear, and intimidation. That radiant star rose further up, positioning itself at a point where it would see the entirety of the city. It then cast its light downwards, randomly at first, but then focusing its beam upon a legion of frogs that stamped, and laughed, and grew wild, and disobedient.

Suddenly conscious of being focused on, the frogs cavorted to a field where the elements of a forest clamored out of the ground. Trees sprouted up, first here, then there, massaging their ancient trunks against the bare earth. Birds’ nests appeared where naked branches exposed to the shimmering night. The trees moved rhythmically, their leaves guided up and down by the undulating breeze which cast itself to, and fro. Snakes with skins variegated by creams and greens, coiled themselves gracefully on the dirt paths.

The moon pronounced its presence, then, by creating a phosphorescent collection of flickering lights that, through the trees, resembled the flames of several candles, all of which danced as the branches swayed. Leaf patterns scattered on the ground. The ground itself seemed to move and dance to the rhythm.

The evening passed and the animals celebrated their new found community. Similar interests were shared and they talked of music and dancing. Art and literature. As they spoke, they became conscious of a sudden change occurring in the skyline. In an open field near the forest’s edge, they could see the sun beginning to creep over the rim of the horizon. Sunrise hues scattered out of the fiery mass and the eyes of the animals, drawn to it, gleamed with the dawn of a new day. The greatest night of their lives had neared its conclusion, but a new day, touched by the graces of all that transpired, was ready to commence.



Several days have passed since Artists for Humanity’s Greatest Party on Earth took place at the Epicenter in South Boston on April 25th, 2015, but the reverberations of the night are still felt. The forest theme, which guided the design of the ground floor and the mezzanine, was brought to life by FROST Production’s magnificent leaf pattern lighting against the stage wall and Reserve Furniture’s beautiful furniture appointments. Our chandeliers, which “lived” by virtue of being vessels that housed botanical elements, hung over the ground floor, and were accompanied by our “snake” and horn-shaped vessels, on the communal, and cocktail tables, respectively.


gpoe 3

In the VIP section, we honored the idea of representing the sunrise by filling horn-shaped glass tubes with specimen flowers in sunrise hues.

The collaboration between AFH and each of the vendors, which included FROST Productions, Gourmet Caterers, Reserve Modern Event Rental, the interns, and ourselves, was impressive in that each one’s design really complimented the others. The artists who worked on each team really brought the event to life, and allowed their artistic voices to liven up the event much like the breeze livened up the trees in our mystical forest.

From Karen at FROST:

“Each year we look forward to helping the team at Artists for Humanity enhance the theme of the Greatest Party on Earth through lighting. This year we were charged with creating something with a woodsy forest theme. We projected green leafy patterns on the large white wall as a back drop to the party and the up lit the perimeter in the thematic green. From there we simply spot lit some of the décor elements include the amazing chandeliers provided by Marc Hall Design.”

From Shane at Reserve:

“Our design inspiration for the Greatest Party on Earth was ‘Modern Organic’. Using a combination of modern pieces such as our Shelter Couch & Wire Lounger, along with natural pieces like our Cedar Console & Coffee Tables were a great base layer. Then we styled with driftwood, prism candle sticks, mercury glass & assorted pillows to create an inviting & elegant environment for the guests to enjoy.”

gpoe 2

Speaking for the fabulous culinary team at Gourmet Caterers, Sarah Gross shared that the team utilized the farm-to-table concept of  “Going to fresh local markets to incorporate local sustainable food” and created a beautiful culinary concept which many guests commented was the best food they had tasted in a while. Celebrity Chef Lydia Shire featured her favorite Waygu Blade Steak with Chimichuri Sauce, which she paired “with roasted bone marrow and stinging nettle sauce.” The BBQ Station set “the tone for the future months to come–fun comfort food –jalapeno cheddar biscuits with Roasted pulled pork sliders.”

Marc Hall Design, LLC proudly sponsored the Greatest Party on Earth and we look forward to many more years of collaboration with these fabulous vendors!