Springtime Celebrations

The snow has nearly melted.

All the remaining flakes reside in heaped, vulnerable masses, anxious with the imposing sun beating down on them with indifference. The sun’s rays journey upwards from the street and edge hastily towards the cold mounds. The flakes quiver. Scarcely do they perceive the rising temperature when comprehension descends and they learn to accept their fate. They surrender. Winter continues its macabre decay and the remnants of a bitter season lie stored away in a liquid that drizzles Boston streets.


Because spring has arrived. Cars race down Albany Street in jolting masses and MBTA buses plunge forth like waves carrying passengers unfazed by the newness. The bus stops at each designated point and flings open its doors with a sound resembling ocean sprays. New passengers are collected. The driver commands the doors closed. The bus heaves, it lingers. After a pause, it carries on past pedestrians who greet each other with familiarity. A woman secures her backpack as she waves hello. A group of students laugh nervously as they approach the medical center. Flower vans pull into the Exchange, emptying their loads as the doors push open, inviting us to behold a profusion of spring blooms.


It is at that instant that a verdant field impresses itself in our consciousness. Sweeping mounds of yellow and pink tulips sprout up, row by row, waving as they rejoice in the open air. Daffodils giggle as they share secrets stored up from long ago. Mounds of fritillaria drop their heads in exultation. Hyacinth blooms open and curl. The fragrance in the air is profuse. We are enraptured by it.


The flowers begin to dance in fellowship with one another, celebrating their triumphant reclamation. The earth is theirs once more. The field on which they grow is teeming.


 The new season commands us to celebrate the transition from winter to spring and two upcoming holidays, Passover and Easter, grant us the opportunity to do just that.

While each holiday contains within it profound narratives deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian doctrine (Passover is the Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites by God from slavery in Egypt, while Easter is the Christian celebration honoring the resurrection of Jesus), what is relatable to everyone, and common in both stories, is the desire to move passed conceived modes of containment, and grow.

Floral arrangements are more abundant this time of year. Elements possess a sweet fragrance. We honor hyacinth and daffodils, fritillaria and tulips. Bulb flowers live in ubiquity. Roses come in a vast assortment of color.


Like the blooms in the verdant field, we, too, are given the opportunity to dance in fellowship with one another, reclaiming our lives from the bitter cold, and promised the opportunity to fulfill an ancient longing that all of us possess: to form bonds with one another and celebrate our lives.

Marc Hall Design and Marc Hall Objekt would be honored to be a part of your spring celebrations. Allow our highly skilled designers to create beautiful arrangements that can adorn your residences. Tracy, our fabulous store manager, can guide you through our selection of curated products to help you select the right vessel to contain your gift.